Pilonidal Cyst Surgery

Pilonidal Cyst Surgery

A pilonidal cyst is a cyst (abcess) that develops along the tailbone near the cleft of the buttocks (just above the crease in your buttocks). These cysts usually contain hair and skin debris. The term pilonidal is derived from the Latin words pilus (hair) and nidus (nest). Individuals with a pilonidal cyst may not have any symptoms at all (termed asymptomatic), whereas others may develop an infection of the cyst with associated pain and inflammation. The treatment and management of pilonidal cysts depends on many factors, including the presence of symptoms and the extent of the disease. Recurrence of pilonidal cysts is common.


Pilonidal cysts occur more frequently in men than in women, and they are more common in Caucasians than in other racial groups. Pilonidal cysts usually occur between the ages of 15 to 24, and their development is uncommon after the age of 40.
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