A colonoscopy is a simple procedure where the physician uses a small HD camera on the end of a flexible tube to examine the entirety of the colon. The idea is to look for polyps or "pre-cancer" growths and remove them. You will be sedated and asleep and should not feel any pain nor remember the procedure. the polyps are then sent for further pathological analysis.

Ninety-five percent of colon cancers start as a polyp and can be prevent by regular screenings. Everyone should get a screening test at age 50. Some people should have screening tests earlier, if it runs in their family.

A colonoscopy is diagnostic and curative. We can diagnose polyps and remove them. No other form of colon evaluation offers both. Virtual colonoscopies are just as uncomfortable, and only can provide a diagnosis. The patient will then need a colonoscopy to remove the polyps. Virtual cononoscopies are also less accurate.

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