Colon Cancer

Approximately 50,000 people die each year of colon cancer. Nearly 95% of those deaths are unnecessary and completely preventable with regular screenings. There are very few cases where people have a genetic type of colon cancer that presents at a very young age.

It's very important to meet with your colorectal surgeon and have your screening colonoscopy as soon as you reach age 50. If colon cancer runs in your family, you may need your screening colonoscopy at an earlier age. Call our office and set up an appointment today.

Watch Dr. Alo discusses colon cancer on WTOL 11's Time Waits for No One with Dr. Ameer Kabour to learn more about colon cancer, prevention, screening, and treatment options.


Watch Dr. Alo discuss colon cancer on WTOL's Time Waits for No One to learn more about colon cancer, prevention and treatment. 
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